Experience theEdison Edge


Edison Ventures has the vision to see your dream and the imagination to maximize its potential. Forget about achieving goals. Instead, surpass them.

Our main purpose is to nurture invention, partnering with entrepreneurs to make what they do even better. Building successful growth companies and creating substantial equity are the forefront of our to-do list, and as such, we have an established Investment Strategy that serves as a guide toward mutual success.

We absorb ideas, inspire greatness, and foster dynamic collaboration among our assembly of key stakeholders, including our entrepreneurs and Limited Partners, as well as the Edison Director Network and strategic acquirers. We offer Value-Added Services that provide substantial advantages for business expansion.

Beyond capital, Edison delivers true value with a mission rooted in the fundamentals of the consummate inventor. It is from this foundation that we are able to realize the full capacity of achievement and success. And consequently, so can you.