Edison Ventures has the vision to see your dream and the imagination to maximize its potential. Forget about achieving goals. Instead, surpass them.

Entrepreneurs face many challenges. But navigating the daunting, yet exciting, expansion stage shouldn’t be one of them. The Edison team plots the course to leverage this time when growth is rapid and market share can be won. Offering value-added services that are specifically geared to the needs of expansion-stage companies, we tailor to the special requirements necessary to compete in the information technology industry.

Comprised of successful entrepreneurs, seasoned venture capitalists and experienced board members, Edison provides sound advice from first-hand experience. Benefit from our experience in private equity and finance, marketing, sales, planning and organization development.

Management Counsel
Financial Counsel
Business Referrals
Human Resource Assistance
Management Education Programs


 Management Counsel

An Edison General Partner usually serves as a Director and advises management on strategic planning, financing, staffing and marketing. Edison is readily available as a continuing source of counsel and support to the entrepreneur.

We serve as a sounding board to discuss initiative and share concerns. We generate ideas, offer private constructive criticism and suggest practical alternatives. Most often, we reinforce management's decisions. Edison realizes that all businesses encounter difficult periods. We anticipate problems and work closely with management to achieve solutions.


 Financial Counsel

A recent survey of entrepreneurs revealed, "The #1 CEO strength was vision; the #1 weakness cited was financing strategies." The Edison team brings financial expertise. The investment professionals advise companies on all aspects of fundraising spanning: equity funding, establishing relationships with lending and leasing sources, customer collections, government grants, distributions, licensing and royalty issues. We are especially experienced in securing financing for acquisitions.

Edison Limited Partners will promptly consider direct investment. Edison recently led $42M financing entirely from large institutions, which are Limited Partners.

Edison Limited Partners include six commercial banks that provide credit facilities for venture backed growth companies. With Edison's equity investment strengthening the balance sheet, banks provide credit lines for accounts receivable and inventory, plus term loans or leasing for equipment purchases.

Edison Limited Partners also includes six investment banks. We arrange visits to Edison portfolio companies to develop analyst interest in considering IPO and M&A activity. In addition, the analysts provide advice on positioning the company for optimal exit valuation.

We are actively involved with individual companies for three to 10 years. When appropriate, Edison will lead investment banking firms to underwrite an initial public offering. Alternatively, Edison may work with management to facilitate a business sale or merger. Often equity capital can be leveraged over time through alternative sources of financing that mitigate ownership dilution of both founders and investors.


 Business Referrals

During Edison's 27-year involvement in the venture, technology and entrepreneurial communities, we have developed many relationships. We often introduce customers, distributors and key decision makers. Edison's involvement defuses the "small company" objection.

Edison initiates strategic alliances encompassing technology exchanges, joint marketing programs and equity investments. These corporate partnerships often accelerate a new company's market acceptance and international distribution.

Similarly, Edison's Limited Partners are interested in assisting and working with our entrepreneurial companies. They can serve as new product test sites and provide sophisticated customer feedback. Edison facilitates special relationships with major corporate, financial, and government institutions.

Edison’s specialized support network assists young companies in competing for market leadership. We refer capable professionals familiar with the needs of entrepreneurs, such as:

Banks and Lenders Auditors
Leasing Companies Accountants
Investment Banks Web Designers
Law Firms Market Researchers
Patent Counsel Engineering Design Firms
Public Relations Firms Data Processing Services
Advertising Agencies Government Agencies
Executive Search Firms Insurance Agents


 Human Resource Assistance

Attracting and retaining key staff is crucial for expansion stage companies. Edison investment professionals assist entrepreneurs by providing advice on issues such as compensation, benefits, incentives and recruiting.

Structuring competitive compensation and benefits packages is required to compete for top talent. Edison offers assistance in recruiting both senior management and middle management positions. Compensation and benefits survey data is available to check market competitiveness for key hires. The Edison partners and investment team offer their expertise in designing incentive stock option plans, selection of recruiting services, authoring position descriptions and development of appropriate compensation and benefits packages.


 Management Education Programs

Edison organizes educational programs that are designed to expose portfolio executives to best practices, and provide opportunities for networking with peers and leading academic experts. The Edison Director College is held at business schools bringing faculty and experienced BOD members together with CEOs.

Edison also coordinates programs sharing best practices among key function leaders of our portfolio companies:

• CEO Roundtable

• CFO Executive Meeting

• CTO Peer Group

• Sales & Marketing Peer Group

• See calendar for upcoming events

Executives from Edison portfolio companies also meet to discuss trends in their industry segments, discussing partnering, recruiting and other common topics:

• Healthcare IT Executive Meeting

• Enterprise 2.0 Summit

• Financial Technology Summit

• Interactive Marketing & eCommerce Summit




Edison Venture's sponsorship and backing enhances a young company's credibility and visibility with potential customers, vendors, employee candidates and financial institutions. Our General Partners, associated with many successful companies, are well-known in the Mid-Atlantic region and throughout information technology. Our Limited Partners are premier institutions.

Respected as a lead investor, Edison is recognized for our thorough analysis, balanced evaluation and dedication to success. We can provide follow-on capital on short notice, under both positive and adverse operating conditions.