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Edison Ventures is the national leader in financial technology growth venture investing.

The financial technology market is ideal for innovative, scalable technology solutions. With high transaction volumes, compliance and regulatory challenges, technology is critical to effectively manage business.

Edison invests in software and business solutions that target the financial services industry and traditional financial services business models. Our past success and current investments demonstrate our position of market leadership in this sector, further enhanced by our roster of experienced CEOs, FinTech executives and proven strategy.

The Capital Markets sector has experienced historic regulatory and structural reform in the past year. We anticipate continued disintermediation of entrenched technology providers and intermediaries. Our energy is focused on exciting new opportunities in OTC markets, risk management, market data and analytics. Continued adoption of electronic, algorithmic and high frequency trading in all new and emerging asset classes is also expected.

Our Capital Markets coverage includes managing wealth and retirement. We expect to see new opportunities outside of the high-net-worth segment especially for the mass affluent. New web-based and SaaS technologies are enabling the delivery of financial advice and new investment products to the masses.

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New technology is enabling services and solutions that were previously impossible to deliver given the complexities of the financial value chain. Mobile and smart phone handset adoption is growing at a staggering speed and enabling new forms of payment and banking. Small businesses and merchants can lower their operational costs and decrease fraud by adopting new technologies to manage their finances and lending practices. Sectors that have been technology laggards, including real estate and insurance, are finding it costly to maintain legacy technology and are upgrading to SaaS and web-based solutions.

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In the Consumer segment, we continue to see adoption of new technologies by businesses to better serve their customers. Consumers are also more comfortable with using the web, especially the mobile Internet to manage their finances. We expect to see new opportunities in retail investing, alternative lending and credit, and risk management. We anticipate mass consumer adoption of social networking and sharing of information to deliver a more user-friendly and cost-effective way of managing personal finances. Our forecasting also predicts that healthcare reform will drive consumers to take more control of their healthcare dollars, and thus expect the ability to adjudicate claims and make payments online.

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