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Edison Ventures Exits Liberty Tax Generating 14X Return
Posted: 03/25/14

Edison Ventures Invests in Knowledge Delivery Systems
Posted: 03/07/14

Welcome James Hill to the EdisonVentures Team
Posted: 02/18/14

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Edison Exits @libertytax Generating 14X Return http://t.co/jrFDeFdHpt
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6 CIO Priorities and SMAC

By Sever Totia, Edison Ventures Principal

SMAC --- Social, mobile, analytics and cloud mega trends are fueling another renaissance in business software. After a decade-plus of ups and downs, there’s another major turning point underway where these new technologies reinvigorate enterprise customers and IT budgets for years to come.

Healthcare Legislation and Gridlock

By Lenard Marcus, Edison Ventures Principal

Before writing this blog, I noted that despite the on-going discussion about health care legislation and the gridlock that it’s created in our Congress, hospitals are changing.

A recent healthcare article noted that hospital spending for technology and telecommunications in the next two years has grown at a fantastic rate and will continue in the near future as hospitals try to coordinate better care.

Reflections – 25 years Post-Graduation

By Chris Sklarin, Edison Ventures Investment Manager

Twenty-five years ago, I walked across the stage at MIT’s graduation with homework and exams behind me and an exciting future ahead. I decided to return this June for my reunion, interested to see how my fellow classmates had fared: who was immersed in successful careers, raising children and just a bit grayer? The commencement speaker was Dropbox CEO, Drew Houston, MIT 2005, eighteen years my junior but wise beyond his years. Drew spoke about his personal “cheat sheet” for life. While he was directly addressing the MIT graduates, I also felt a strong connection to his message. Drew’s speech was generally about life, but his points connect well to my own thoughts on investing and company growth. From graduation to finding a career, and to potentially growing a business, every entrepreneur should consider Drew’s “cheat sheet” as he/she navigates the path to success.

What Every CFO Must Know About Cyber Threats and Security

BY Gary Golding, Edison Ventures General Partner

On April 9th, I attended an event hosted by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) entitled, “What Every CFO Must Know About Cyber Threats and Security.” The affair attracted nearly 200 technology CFOs who were there to hear the CEOs of Mandiant and KEYW, as well as a special agent for the FBI’s Washington Field Office Cyber Branch.

The Psychology of SaaS Pricing

by Joe Allegra, Edison Ventures General Partner

When corporate software buyers consider software that is acquired via a permanent license, does “permanent license” cause them to think harder about their decision? Do they see it as a career-affecting decision if it goes wrong? Do they take longer to evaluate the software before making the buying decision knowing that it is “permanent?”

D.C.’s IT Economy: Readying for the Seismic Shift

by Gary Golding, Edison Ventures General Partner

With the 2011 budget impasse and its automatic cuts to the defense budget looming, the Washington, D.C. area is set to see a major overhaul to its IT company landscape. Washington Post Pulitzer Prize winning business columnist Steve Pearlstein wrote on January 6th, “the government IT industry that has driven the D.C. area economy for the past decade must be replaced with more commercial IT.”

FinTech Entrepreneurs: The bright spot in the storm

by Mike Cichowski, Principal

The global Financial Services landscape is undergoing transformative change. It’s hard to turn on the news and not hear about the European debt crisis, Occupy Wall Street and the growing divide between Wall Street and the rest of the country. Banks are letting go thousands of employees in the wake of decreased revenue and profitability and regulatory changes, but there is a bright spot in these storm clouds — and that’s entrepreneurs. There’s incredible innovation coming from startups targeting Financial Services; helping these entrepreneurs disrupt the status quo is a big part of what we do at Edison.

Getting on the Radar

by David Nevas, Edison Ventures Principal

Since our blog at Edison Ventures has a stated goal of “pulling back the covers” on VC, I thought I’d take a moment and give you a view into how an associate can help you get, and stay, on the radar at a VC firm (or at least our firm). I’ll provide an overview of what we do in general, specifically how we function here at Edison, and give you some tips on the care and feeding of your associate.

Size Doesn’t (or Shouldn’t) Matter?

by Chris Sugden, Managing Partner

I bet the title of our first blog entry wasn’t what you were expecting from me or Edison Ventures. You haven’t stumbled upon the latest edition of Cosmo or Marie Claire . How much money an early stage or private company has raised or how big the latest round was is way overhyped in the VC and growth equity industry. Below I share some thoughts on why size doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter as much as it seems to.